For graduate course descriptions, see course listings for the appropriate department in the ASU Graduate Catalog.

In some cases a course is "dual-listed", that is, available for both undergraduate and graduate credit. If you don't find the course with its 5xxx number in the Graduate Catalog, look for it as a 4xxx course in the appropriate department in the ASU Undergraduate Catalog. Descriptions of courses only available for undergraduate credit are also found at this link.

In your own particular program of study, courses not listed below might be acceptable. You should consult with the Gerontology Program Director.

View a graduate program timeline (PDF).


Required Courses for the Graduate Certificate

  • SOC 5400: Sociology of Adult Development and Aging
  • SOC 5420: Health Care and Aging
  • SOC 5530: Housing for Older Adults
  • SOC 5630: Programs and Services for Older Adults
  • SOC 5900: Internship


Required Courses for the Minor in Gerontology

  • SOC 3100: Gerontology
  • BIO 4563: Biology of Aging
  • PSY 4562: Psychology of Adult Development and Aging

Elective Courses for the Minor in Gerontology

  • FCS 4551: Families in Later Life 3 s.h.
  • One course chosen in consultation with the program director

Fall 2016 Graduate Certificate

2016 Graduate Certificate Gerontology flyer

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